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Optimize your Website for Google

There are things that you can do to help your website get a better ranking with search engines like Google before you even begin to advertise. The following five steps are probably the most important to consider. Google is not very particular about fancy grapics and colors you use, or about the exact words used to describe your messages to your audience. However the bots do want you to show relevancy in topics through your website.

Step 1:
You should almost definitaly design your website in CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, which are basically just written instructions for how the site is presented to your visitors. Not only do Google, and other search bot style engines adore CSS, but once you are used to using it you will as well, since it allows you to update the text appearance of your entire site with very little effort.

Step 2:
Keep your site design pretty simple. You really will not impress most visitors with super fancy designs and flashy videos. On Google's side these are computerized visitors, not human traffic. Many people feel that audio or video that play' s when you open a page is annoying. Get their attention first, then show off the fun stuff.

Step 3:
Meta Tags should definitely be used, but don't rely on them to raise your page rank. Meta tags aren't used all that much anymore. Google mainly uses Meta Tags, such as your Title, Description, and Keyword tags to correctly index your site and put it in the right category.

Step 4:
Don't use giant files that take forever to load. Using big files on your site will slow it down and cause both the robots and your precious traffic to leave before ever seeing your product or message. There are many ways to optimize your images and compress all of your files, so make sure you give the visitor a quick and easily download able page.

Step 5:
Check your links often. The Google bots are advanced technology, but they won't know what to do if they find a broken link or can't find their way off of your home page. Their only option is to leave, and you want your entire site indexed not just your landing page. Use text links and avoid JavaScript when creating your navigation and make sure you provide the search spiders with a Site Map.

Tips & Warnings
Content is important add fresh content OFTEN.

Check your links often

Use smaller files & photo sizes


Keep your site clean and easy to navigate

Avoid putting valuable keywords in your meta tags

Avoid adding keywords to your content just to add them


Make Money with Online Surveys for Free

All resources were gathered over many MANY hours of research. Information found here is from many sources. Every single company is 100% FREE to join AND is legitimate. I will not waste your time with a bunch of “get rich quick” nonsense, these are real paying sites. Plan to receive some extra cash and free stuff if you can take surveys casually. If you are serious and do all these surveys every day you could even make an income. It is all up to the individual person how much can be made, that is the true secret to wealth. The following is a list compiled of the best legitimate survey sites with information on how much they offer for payment. Some pay cash, others by prizes, and some by drawings.

Tip- Most of these are great for US and Canada. Check with each site before signing up to see if your country is eligible to participate!

Step 1:
Get a dedicated email for surveys. It is easier to keep track of them, and it will not cause your regular inbox to fill up to fast.

Step 2:
Do surveys daily. This is the best way to get an income from them.

Step 3:
Some companies will often want you to take a short "screener" survey when you first register with them. Unfortunately these are not usually paid surveys. You'll usually be entered into a drawing, but the purpose of the screener survey is much more important than that ... The real purpose behind screener surveys is that it's how some of the better market research companies get to know you. It's how they determine which surveys you're eligible for, and it's the "secret" to getting invited to take the really good surveys in the future! The funny thing is that because screener surveys don't pay cash, many people don't do them - so the odds of winning the prize being offered are a lot higher than you might think.

Step 4:
Fill out your interests and profile information for any survey sites that offer them. Filling out the profiles and/or interests increases your odds of being selected for a paid online survey.

Step 5:
Log-in on a daily basis to those sites that offer non-invitation surveys and/or other activities to accumulate more points/cash.

Step 6:
Tell your friends. Certain sites offer extra incentives for referring people to their site.

Step 7:
Take advantage of free software that can store personal information to automate filling out forms. This will speed up the process of filling out common information like name, address, etc. Most recommend RoboForm or the auto fill feature in the Google Toolbar.

Step 8:
Take all of the survey offers that are offered at first, even if they are only rewarded with sweepstakes entries. This will allow you to build up a strong track record with the individual survey sites. Soon you will start receiving more survey offers than you can handle. Once you are satisfied with the volume of survey invitations you are receiving, you can then focus on the more lucrative surveys that interest you.

Step 9:
Many of the sites have a login for members that allows you to change your profile information, review the surveys you have taken, etc. Be sure to bookmark these locations and organize them in you browser so that you have easy access to them.

Survey Networks - http://www.surveynetworks.com
American Consumer Opinion - http://www.acop.com/
Inbox Dollars - http://www.inboxdollars.com
ECN Research - http://www.ecnresearch.com/
Global Test Market - http://www.globaltestmarket.com
Ipsos i-Say - http://www.i-say.com/
Survey Spot - https://www.surveyspot.com/
Send Earnings - http://www.sendearnings.com/
Panda Research - http://www.pandaresearch.com/
Datatelligence - http://www.datatelligence.net/
Memolink - http://www.memolink.com/
NPD Online Research - http://www.npdor.com/
Survey Club - http://www.surveyclub.com/
Survey Savvy - https://www.surveysavvy.com/
Surveys.com - http://www.surveys.com/
Global Survey Group - http://www.globalsurveygroup.com
Synovate - https://www.globalopinionpanels.com
Lightspeed - http://us.lightspeedpanel.com/
TheNetPanel.com - http://www.thenetpanel.com
The African American Voice - http://www.theafricanamericanvoice.com/
MyPoints - http://www.mypoints.com
E-Poll Surveys - http://www.epollsurveys.com
Valued Opinions - http://www.valuedopinions.com
Zoom Panel - http://www.zoompanel.com/
Viva Research - http://www.vivaresearch.com/
Your 2 Cents - https://www.your2cents.com/
Vindale Research - http://www.vindale.com/
Esearch - http://www.esearch.com
Jewelry Consumer Opinion Panel - http://www.jcoc.net
M:Panel - https://www.mobilepanel.com
Choozz - http://www.choozz.com

Check out these sites for even more surveys! http://technicaljobsearch.com/paid_surveys.htm

Remember - You do NOT need to pay a membership fee to be eligible to participate in online surveys. There are dozens of free survey companies on the Internet. If you are asked to pay a fee to access the surveys then forget it.

Brought to you by www.journeyforself.com

Getting Google to Visit your Website

There are a few things that you can do to enhance Google’s interest your site so that they decide to index it faster and present you to the public whenever a search is conducted. You might be suprised to learn that not everyone is indexed after they submit their URL to the search engines and directories. All you have to do is follow these steps and you will be 99.99999% certain that your website will NOT be missed.

Step 1:
First of all, you have to submit your URL to Google itself. Remember the Google bots crawl the web on a constant basis, but don’t expect them to find your website without effort. You have to add lots of good articles and information if you have any hope of making it into the index.

Step 2:
Your second tip, start blogging. Blogging is VERY popular right now. Google owns blogger.com, so starting your blog out there is a very good idea. Then after each post simply link back to your website. This ensures the bots will pick up on you much faster.

Step 3:
Your third tip, Do NOT make the mistake of setting up a hundred sites all at once and then linking them to one another. Google knows all about this trick, and they will put every one of your 12 sites in the sandbox, this is BAD, until they return three months later to check and see if you were serious about launching all those relevant sites or if you were creating what they call 'mirror' sites just to make one of your websites seem important.

Step 4:
You can also write free well written articles that others will use on their own websites. When Google updates their sites, the bots will automatically follow the link from the article to your website. Plus, you will get a nod for having an incoming link.

Tips & Warnings
Update Content Often

Blog Blog Blog

Submit articles to free directorys

Find ways to get established websites to link to yours

Do Not spam your website

Do not create mirror websites


How to earn money for searching the internet

My Search Funds is a great way for you to earn easy money from your own internet searching, and you do that already. You can earn even more if you tell your friends and they raise funds in the same way. Here is the math for you: If you do 20 searches a day... In one month your searches will earn $30.00 - Gas money! In one year your searches will earn $365.00 AND In one month if 50 of your friends also did 20 searches and in turn 50 of their friends did the same and in turn 50 of their friends did the same you will earn $97,680.00! In one year if 50 of your friends also did 20 searches and in turn 50 of their friends did the same and in turn 50 of their friends did the same you will earn $1,118.440.00! Here is how you do it..

Step 1:
Upgrade your search bar. By replacing your browser's search box with your own revenue generating search box you can earn money as you search. OR You can set it as your homepage. OR You can bookmark your search page and use it when you need to find something on the internet.

Step 2:
Search as normal. You are supposed to use this program for normal daily searching. You are not allowed to use robots to search for you, and you are not allowed to type in random keywords in your search box unless you are looking for that content.

Step 3:
Sign in and check your earnings. It's completely FREE and you can start earning right away. What's more, you can recommend a friend and earn 10% of their revenue. And 5% of their friends revenue too!

Tips & Warnings
Use your search page as your homepage.

Use it every time you use the internet

Get friends and family to join

DONT CHEAT or they will delete your account

Do not forget to use it every day!


Get Targeted Traffic to your Website

It is so clear the correlation between getting traffic and making money. Everyone knows that if you can get targeted traffic, You would make money too. So, If you’re only using one strategy (like SEO), or one program, you’re simply not tapping into the vast amount of traffic that flows freely all over the Internet. Let me tell you, in this game you need to focus on multiple streams of free traffic, otherwise you’re leaving money on the table. So the answer is finding the right automated or semi-automated software with which to promote your product. I have set up free, and free trials of fully functional powerful programs for you to use. This is the secret stuff most gurus will not tell you about.

Step 1:
First locate the software you want to use then download it to a folder on your computer. Unzip the file and double click the exe file to start the installation. For a list and descriptions visit: http://journeyforself.com/traffic.aspx

Step 2:
Read the tips file before using the software. It explains tricks on using it effectively, you will be glad you did.

Step 3:
Use the software that you are most comfortable with. Make sure to rotate the programs so that you do not over saturate your clients or they will ignore you! 3 days between each method is advised.

Tips & Warnings

Write Well Written Articles

Keep your advertising targeted

Dont spam!

Dont SPAM (Yes I said that twice.)

Dont mass create gmail accounts (by hand is better)

Rotate programs every 3 days


Building your Downlines

There are different ways to earn money using the internet. One of the most popular ways of doing it is through an affiliate program or multi-level marketing program. The program's work by recruiting other people to work under you. Whatever they earn from the system, you will recieve a certain percentage of it. They can earn the same way if they recruit others to join the network in the same way that you did. Some MLM companies are paying up to third and fourth or even further tiers of downlines. ((See http://mnaff.url-Go.com for an example.)) Affiliate based opportunitys seem are definatly a lucrative business. But a lot of people are hesitant to join because they are afraid they will never build their downlines. However, it is actually very very easy to recruit downlines, if you know how to do it. Building a downline can provide you with residual income. That means that long after all your hard work, you can retire knowing that your downline will always be around working for you.

Step 1:
First I reccomend using Social Networking sites. Social networking sites were hit this decade. For some reason, it has lured half of all the internet users in the world to create their profile, build their own web page, and invite other friends to join the network. See, that's exactly how MLM works. And so if social networking sites were so popular, you might as well use it to find members to become your downline. If you have been using the internet for so long, chances are, you are already a part of a social networking site like MySpace. If you are, then all you have to do is to send an invitation email to your friends. Just count how many would respond positively upon your invitation. Some even PAY you to use them! Places like ZenZuu are paying their members for just doing the normal things like blogging and uploading photos. (See - http://www.zenzuu.com/journeyforself/signup.htm )for more information. If you sign up with that link (Its free) I can personally help you build your downlines. :) Ok, on to the next step.

Step 2:
Participate in Forums. Do you know that the very people you can recruit are chatting idly at forums? Select a forum that is very related to the product, the system, or the service that your MLM parent company is offering. If you actively participate in forums related to your business and build a good reputation, it will be easy for you recruit others to join you. Never spam a forum however, they will be all over you like piranas on dinner. Keep it under the radar. Cloak your affiliate ID's with shortened URL's or better yet, buy a domain to point to your URL. It is an affordable way to gain credibility.

Step 3:
Use member generator sites, tools, and software. Right now, a lot of internet and programming experts have seen the need of MLM marketers to build a strong downline for their business to flourish. For this purpose, several websites, tools, and programs were created to do exactly that. There are sites that offer referral exchanges and sites that allow the referral links and banners to be published. As for tools, there are downline software that can be used to manage, contact, and follow up prospects or members of your MLM business. For software of this nature check out: http://journeyforself.com/traffic.aspx

Step 4:
Submit to Search Engines. More often than not, online MLM businesses provide their members with their own splash page to gain more recruits. Use that link and advertise it on key places like Google, Overture, Yahoo, and others. You might need to create an entirely different landing page or generate a redirect URL for it, as some of these sites don't accept referral links. Also, there are some people who refrain from going to sites that are obviously a referral link because they do not want to be sold to. Again it is a small price to pay for a URL that points to your affiliate website, usually $6 to $20 a year.


Join me for active networking for your programs:

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Free Massive Traffic - Serious Stuff

Massive Free Traffic
You could download these.. or just keep struggling.

Are you ready to get real traffic for free? These programs are serious traffic tools for marketers who are ready to get aggressive and tell the search engines who's the boss.

It is so clear to me the correlation between getting traffic and making money. Everyone knows that if you can get targeted traffic, You would make money too.
I have an arsenal of 29 (and more coming) software programs that I have personally tested... each of which is designed for a specific purpose, and each of which has been proven to get serious results.

Why so many tools?

Let me tell you, in this game you need to focus on multiple streams of free traffic, otherwise you’re leaving money on the table.

If you’re only using one strategy (like SEO), or one software program, you’re simply not tapping into the vast amount of traffic that flows freely all over the Internet.
Yes I use each and every one of my traffic tools, and yes you too can benefit from each of them. But... I don’t want you to be intimidated by the sheer number of tools and tactics that I am placing at your finger tips! So...

Please keep in mind that using just a few of these tools can drastically boost free traffic to your site. In fact, I could live off of the traffic I receive from just one or two of them.

Furthermore, these tools are push-button simple.

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